Peach-soaked kisses

"Here, let me lick that off you."

I’m sitting on a wicker love seat on the back deck of a beach house.  The hot sun is beating down.  Live oak and palmetto trees are swaying slightly in the breeze.  I’m wearing a tiny purple and black bathing suit.  There’s a bowl of peaches on a table in front of me.  I take one.  Just as I bite into it Rob walks out onto the deck.  He’s wearing nothing but a pair of faded well-worn Levi’s jeans.  The juice from the peach runs down my chin.  As I’m about to wipe it away, Rob sits down beside me.  “Let me get that for you” he says.  He teasingly licks the juice off then kisses me.  I offer him a bite of the peach.  He takes it and the juice runs down his chin and drips onto his chest. I run my finger through the juice on his chest and lick my finger.  I then lick the juice off his chin as he starts to kiss me again.   He takes another bite and deliberately drips more juice on my chest.  He pulls me over onto his lap and leans forward to lick it off.  “So sweet…” he murmurs.  He starts kissing my neck and reaches around to untie the back of my top…

And this is where I woke up.  I can’t say that I wasn’t disappointed but at least I got to taste Rob’s sweet peach-soaked kisses so I’m okay with it.  Maybe I’ll dream this again one day.  I’d love to know how it turned out.


*Name(s) have been changed to protect the identity of the sender.

Dear Jeana,

Your dream was so hot!  We definitely need a part 2 of this!   And why is it that we always wake up just when it gets better?

Thanks for sending your dream!


What do you all think?  Please leave your comments?

Photo:  New Moon 2009
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“In My Own Personal Hell”

"You. Are. MINE."

** Warning: This entry/post is about being sexually violated. Our dreamer had this particular nightmare after reading a fictional story that involved rape/abuse. Please take caution when reading.

In my dream Rob speaks with his American accent. He and I are dating and are in college together. We also share a house as well.

Rob and I are at the school’s library. I’m sitting at a table. studying..a pile of work in front of me. Rob is next to me with is hand rubbing against my leg..massaging it. minutes later, he gets up and tells me he’s going to the bathroom. i nod and go back to my work.

Then I hear someone call my name. I knew it wasn’t Rob. This was a voice I knew all too well. I looked up, it was *Paul, a friend who I haven’t seen since high school. He smiled at me and said, “Hey there, stranger!”

 I was stunned but ecstatic at the same time. I stood up and walked toward him and gave him a hug.

“Hey, *Paul!! its been forever! How are you? And what are you doling here?”

 And so that’s how our conversation went for a few minutes. Old friends just catching up.

 I was so into the conversation, I totally forgot about Rob. He was behind me when I heard him say, “Hey babe.” I turned to face him, smiling. And saw his face. He had a smile but it didn’t reach his eyes. His eyes were cold as ice. I wiped off the smile on my face, cleared my throat and said, “Rob, this is *Paul, an old friend from high school.”

*Paul brought his hand up to shake Rob’s. “Hi, nice to meet you.” Rob said nothing. Only nodded. No one said anything for what felt like a long time. then *Paul looked at the clock and said, “Look Ana, I have to go. It was nice catching up with you. You still have my number, right? Call if you need anything.” He waved at Rob then left.

I turned back to Rob and his mouth was formed into a hard line. He was mad. I mean, I had talked to other guys before and that never seemed to bother him. but then again, those were HIS friends. *Paul was someone who he had no idea about. I  try to play if off like it was nothing.

I took his hand, “Hey, baby. He’s just a friend. Come on. I have a lot of studying to do but first, lets get something to eat.” He said nothing. Great. I was getting the silent treatment. That’s pretty much how it went for the rest of the day. Until we got home.

I was in the bathroom brushing my hair humming some kinda show tune. When I was done I opened the door and jumped. It was Rob. Just standing there, staring at me.

“Hey, babe. You scared me! What are you doing standing outside here like that!”

He ignored my question and said, “You seem rather happy.”

I smiled, “Yeah. I am.” He went on.

“So how long have you known this *Paul guy?”

I had no idea where this was going. “Since middle school. He’s a close friend of the family.”

I heard some kind of growl escape his lips. “Rob, *Paul and I, we’re just friends. Nothing more.”

I knew he was thinking because there was a crease in his forehead. After about a minute he said, “I don’t want you to see or talk to that guy again. Do you understand?”

What? He did not just say that.

He prompted again, “Do you understand?” He turned away from me and walked towards the living room. I followed.

He’s serious and I was pissed! “Rob, *Paul is my friend and I’ll see him whenever I want.”

How dare he tell me who I could and couldn’t talk to. I wasn’t his to own!

“Don’t talk back to me, Ana. I won’t have any of it! You stay away from him. End of story.” I started to speak, “But R—” That was it. I felt a slap come across my face. I was stunned. “Oh my God”, I thought. I brought my hand to my face. My cheek stung. I just looked at him. Shocked.

“Rob, I…” He cut me off.

“Don’t, Ana. DON’T test me!” I said nothing.

He began to pace the room and went on, “Today at school, I go to the bathroom not even for a second and when I return, I see you chatting it up with some guy. What the hell is that all about?! For all I knew, he could have been making a pass at you!”

He had it ALL WRONG! *Paul wasn’t like that. at all!

I spoke up, “Rob, please  listen. He’s just a friend!”

His face was near mine in a second. “Did I say you could speak?”  I shook head.

“You listen here, girl. I say what goes around here. And if that means not seeing or speaking to someone, I mean it!”

He caught hold of my wrists and pinned me to the couch. “Don’t move,” he said.

He held me there with his legs. I was still in my clothes. He started undoing the buttons on my jeans. In fear, I thought, “NO! This is not happening!” He pulled my jeans down along with my underwear and threw them to the floor.

He began pushing my legs apart. “Rob, don’t do this!” He wasn’t listening. “Rob, baby, please!”, I pleaded.

He held his finger to my lips and whispered, “You love me, don’t you?”

Was he mental? That was a no-brainer.

“Of course! I love you, Rob!”, I said.

“Show me how much, Ana. Prove that you love me.”

I was scared. I didn’t wanna do this. Not now. Not yet. “No”, was all I could say.

“No?” he repeated. “You don’t love me?”

I wanted him to be rational about this. He was taking things too far! With tears welling up in my eyes, I repeated, “I. Love. You, Rob. No one else!”

Without another word he was in me with one thrust. I wanted to scream. But i knew that it wouldn’t help. I was crying now. He began to move. In and out. Repeating this motion over and over.

“Don’t cry. You love me. You said so yourself. You have to do this, for me.”

I was limp under him. Unmoving. Waiting for him to stop. With one last thrust, he came inside me, screaming my name.

He moaned, “This, Ana. What we did. It was all for love. Plain and simple proof that you are mine! No one can touch you. Not *Paul, or any of your other friends. You are mine.”

And those words replayed in my head. “You..Are..Mine.”

Immediately after that, I woke and started crying. There is poster of Rob that hangs on my wall across from my bed, I couldn’t look at it for the whole day. I was torn. I felt broken.

– Oh Ana, that is a horrible nightmare. But I understand after reading something close to this situation, it’s always possible to end up dreaming about it, too. But we all know that Rob is way different from this persona! More happy dreams to come =]!
~ L.

Photo: Unknown

*Name(s) have been changed to protect the identity of the sender.

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Rob doing yardword? Dirty Rob?

"If you need help in the yard or anything else, lemme know"

Dear Rob,

That was so random of you. Just to pop into my po-dunk town in the middle of nowhere, giving me a dream heart attack.(not really) Is there a hidden meaning to this? I mean, it wasn’t the first time I dreamt of you. The first time was probably a year ago. I’ll shorten it. I was at this hotel and you were there. The hotel clerk told me the exact room you were in, and we made out(if I remember correctly, you pushed me up against the wall. I told you I was a lip-virgin. You were so sweet).

Then last night in my dream me and my mom were driving by the local high school and you were in a random yard, helping out. You’re even better looking in person, if it’s possible for you to be even more attractive. I went home and put on my (tight as heck natch) Team Edward shirt. Just as I was in the process of changing shirts you knocked at my back door. My mom answered and you guys hit it off. Then I tried to tell you how in love with you I was and how many times I’d seen Eclipse(6) and you kept telling me “later”. You ate dinner with us and spent the night. Nothing happened between us  :”””””””””( . The next  thing I remember was being in class and you sitting outside of the class. I wanted you to sit with me.  But it was a randomly cool dream nonetheless.

So Rob,are you trying to tell me something? Will we end up together like I fantasize? One can only hope. I love you Rob!


Dear Robsessedgirl,
I love the idea of Rob doing yard word, getting dirty!  Oolala!
Photo: From  the set of Water for Elephants, July 2010
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“Meet Me In The Elevator”

"Come over here and do it.."

I was so excited to be going to the Twilight Convention in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I could not get any of my friends to go with me, so I would be going all by myself. I super freaking excited to be able to meet the cast of Twilight and be able to take pictures with them. I kept thinking – I’ll be up close to Robert Pattinson. I wanted to scream every time I thought about it. I checked into the hotel Friday evening and it was quite late already. I settled in my room, but after a few hours I just could not sleep. So I headed out of my hotel room and waited for the elevator. I got in, but before I could stop the elevator, it headed up, rather than down. The elevator must have been requested to the penthouse floor, because it would not open up there without a special passkey. I stepped out and noticed that this is the floor the cast was staying on. I giggled to myself, hoping I’d get a glimpse of Rob. I walked around on this floor, trying to be as quiet as possible. I must have been walking from door to door but no such luck. I had no idea if they were even here yet or if I’d even see any of them until the convention. So I headed back to the elevator. I stood there, frantically pressing the down button. When suddenly I heard HIS voice, “Excuse me, pressing the button like crazy will not rush the elevator.” And he said that with a friendly laugh. We got on the elevator and he decided to continue talking and said, “Guess you’re here for the convention.” I answered with a flushed face, “Yes I sure am.” It seemed like a pretty long elevator ride to the main lobby. He kept the conversation going, “So are you here with some friends?” At first I was feeling so nervous, that my answer came out to be a whisper, “No, I came here alone.” We finally made it down to the main lobby, and before the elevator doors opened, he handed me an orange wristband, and said, “Take this to the hotel security with your picture I.D.” And he got off the elevator and stepped into the crowd of paparazzis. I had no clue what the wristband was for, but I did what he said. When I got to the security booth, he gave me back the wristband and told me to go to the dining hall. I walked down that way and there was a crowd of people. The lady at the door saw my wristband and motioned me to the front of the line. I walked into the dining hall and the whole Twilight cast was there. I was one of the few chosen to have dinner with them. There was an interview portion going on and we were allowed to snap pictures of them the whole time. When it came to my turn, I asked Rob if he had a problem with fans wanting to hug him or kiss him. He winked at me and said, “Come over here and do it.” I practically almost tripped going up to the stage. I hugged him tight and kissed him and inhaled his scent.

This was one of my bestest dreams of Rob. I nearly screamed when I woke up from this dream.

Someone who loves Rob

– Wow! This is so sooo cute! I’d be pressing that elevator button like crazy too! Oh, kiss me baby and never let me go =]!
~ L.

Photo:   Cannes May 2009

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"I want to kiss your fingers and cuddle with you on that chair"

My boyfriend and I were on a cruise to the Bahamas. It was our 2nd night on the 10 day cruise and we already got into a fight. I was taking a stroll down the west side deck and decided to sit down on the poolside chairs. I gazed up at the stars and felt a warm breeze. It was beautiful tonight. I must have been lost in thought, because I did not notice that Robert Pattinson sat down next to me in the chair beside me. He spoke and that’s what startled me. “It’s a beautiful evening, I must say.” I turned and looked at him. He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. Something must have made me get up, because next thing I know, I was sitting right beside him. He gently put his hand on mine and brought it to his mouth and kissed my fingers. Then he took me into his arms and we lay next to each other, watching stars. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I woke up the next morning, in my boyfriend’s arms. But I never did tell him, that I dreamt about Rob. It was how I remember Rob and how I always will.


*Name(s) have been changed to protect the identity of the sender.

Dear Tori,

That was some dream you had!  So romantic, you even forgot your boyfriend! Oh well, Rob kissed your fingers, held you, forget the boyfriend LOL.

Thanks for sending it in.  My heart feels like its gonna burst, sigh.


Photo: Origin unknown

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“Did Someone Call A Plumber?”

"Let me tinkle with your plumbing.."

Dear T&L,
My dream may be quite different from most of you young ladies, because I am a healthcare professional in my mid 40’s. I have an unhealthy obsession with Robert Pattinson. I am divorced from my husband but have not been back on the dating scene. So I was not surprised to have this dream about him.

But here’s my dream:

I had been divorced now for 4 years but I still did not plan on dating. It’s been a while since I actually went out with a man. But I just was not ready. I bought the DVD of Remember Me and could not wait to watch it when I got home tonight. When I get home, I’m surprised to see my front door wide open. I thought to myself, maybe my ex-Frank was here fixing the sink like he promised. When I walked into the bathroom, I dropped all my grocery bags on the floor. “I’m sorry, Ms. Rosen. Your ex-husband is a friend of my manager’s and requested I take a look at the leak in your sink.” I was shocked and I looked back at him and asked, “Um, aren’t you Robert Pattinson?” “Yes, ma’am. I am. But doesn’t mean I don’t know how to fix leaks,” he said with a smirk. I decided to let him fix the leak but I was nervous putting away the groceries. I started on dinner, but could feel the tension rise in my body when I heard his footsteps coming closer to me. “I was here for a series of shows and guestings. But when Frank spoke to my manager, I did not hesistate to help out, ma’am.” I smiled because Rob was actually here in my kitchen. I asked him to stay for dinner and he accepted politely. During dinner, I felt this ache in my neck and shifted my head back and forth. “Neck pain?” he asked. And even before I could answer, Rob came around to me and began giving me a neck massage. I closed my eyes and enjoyed every moment of it. Slowly his hands seemed to work it’s way to the zipper of my dress. He unzipped my dress and started sucking my neck. We were all over each other, kissing and touching and giggling here and there. We made it to the living room. He slowly undressed and sat down on the lazy boy. He pulled me closer him, in between his knees and slipped off my thong. He grabbed me top of him and slowly, I felt him inside me. Rob unhooked my bra and began to devour my breasts as I bounced up and down on top of Rob. He was holding on to my hips and grabbing onto me, pulling me down onto him, feeling him deeper and deeper. The wave of sensation was coming closer and closer. I started to scream his name, louder and louder. As soon as the release came through, Rob grabbed my by neck and kisses me passionately.

I woke up, my lips burning. I was drenched in my own sweat and wet all over.

I know, unbelievable dreams of a forty-something year old woman.

Thank you for taking the time to take my dream. I hope you both enjoy it as well as me dreaming it!

Ms. Rosen*

Photo: Origin unknown.

* Note: Names have been changed to protect the identity of the sender.

~ Ms. Rosen, this is a veryyyy HOTTTT dream!!! GO GO GO!!! And age is just a number! You can have your cake and eat it too ;).

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A nightmare with a twist

"So the lion fell in love with the lamb...I mean with Moonriver!"

This one’s from Moonriver in letter form!

Dear Rob,

You scared me last night. That’s right, you didn’t mishear me.
I had a nightmare about you. Or better said; about Robward.

You went over to the dark side in my night terror.
Together with all other Cullens you started feeding on us mortals again.

By the way, you didn’t live in that modern house in the woods of Forks, but in some big ol’gothic mansion.
Yes, that made it even scarier.

But… (Thank God there’s a but!)
You tried to fight your dark side and wanted to protect me.
Because -there’s a redeeming quality about this nightmare- we were together.
I was your Bella!

So like always, you were being all gentleman and warned me about you, or your family, murdering me.
I was exactly like Bella too, stubborn and totally not afraid.
Just walking around like no bloodsucker ‘alive’ could ever harm me.
Yes, I know, the lamb should’ve been afraid of the lion.
But I wasn’t, I live for danger baby.
And when Robward is near, I love living on the edge even more!

So it was a happy ending, you didn’t kill me and protected me.
In the end you held me and then I woke up…(Boo!)
No lemons, which is kind of nightmarish in it’s own right.

But don’t worry Rob/Robward/Edward (yes, I AM confused) I still love you.

Forever yours, in nightmares or lemon-y dreams,

*Name(s) have been changed to protect the identity of the sender.

Dear Moonriver,

Thanks for sending your dream to us!  It was nightmarish but hey, he saved your life!  How romantic and so Edward-like!  He redeemed himself.  Perhaps the next dream will reward you with some lemony goodness from Rob! *Wink, wink*


What did you all think?  Was this a nightmare?  Comment please!

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